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Costumière de Scène

Costume Designer

With an unusual touch, I adjust my costume.

You wrap it around your body, like a new scenery.

Well dressed, you disguise yourself, change your identity.

Living in a magical world, where every fabric is fantastic.

You transform yourself, guided by your imagination.

Letting yourself float in these dew sheets sewn with fairy fingers.

défilé de mode
Haute Couture

"At the Crossroads of the Worlds"

My Creations

Acrobatic Rock

Equestrian Acrobat

Figure Skating 







Mes Créations

About me

Since I was a child, I’ve had a passion for costumes and disguises.
I used to spend hours at my grand mother’s and my aunt’s, creating attires to dress my 
imagination !

I grew up, and so did my dreams.

I left Switzerland, my home country, to study in the the prestigious Parisian school of ESMOD Internationale PARIS. I came back with a double graduation in design and pattern cutting, with a specialization in Stage Costume.

Cinema, theater, fantastic, historical, acrobatic costume, my imagination knows no limits.

In parallel with that, I create bespoke dresses.

Learn more about it …

Qui suis-je ?
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